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BassHippo Baits is our line of soft plastic worms and tubes.  We have 3,4,and 5" worms and 3.5 and 4" tubes.
Anise Hook Slot
Just the right amount.
Sinks with a slow flutter.
Added in process,
not after.
Not even the expensive
 brands have these.
I have used these baits fishing bass tournaments for nearly 10 years. They work on lakes, rivers, streams.  Have caught fish on them even in conditions that you would never think of using a soft plastic bait.  They work wacky, Texas, slider head, drop shot. One killer way that I have rigged them on the Susquehanna River is to use a 1/8 oz black slider head with a black rubber skirt super glued to the head.   Rig it texas style with a 4" black worm and tear off about the last third of the worm.  That leaves a shorter stubby piece on the slider head with the skirt.  Smallies love it.  It must look like a leach to them and they murder them. 
Coming soon! The complete line.
Right now we have some up on our Ebay store.